Dr. Josh Ramseyer, Sleep Medicine

– My name is Josh Ramseyer. I’m a physician specializing
in sleep medicine. It’s funny because I never
really wanted to be a doctor. It was definitely not preordained and there was no family legacy either. I went to college not really
knowing what I was going to do. I wanted to do something that
was going to be practical, apply my interest in science and biology, but be able to have some
impact on individual lives. Something that I could see and feel and that was appealing to me. So, my approach is really pretty simple. I start out just trying to
treat patients with respect, regardless of their
background or life experience. I try to be as kind as I can and then I listen very carefully. And it’s important to listen. It’s important to ask a lot of questions. And that’s important because
you have to define the problem. You really have to hone
in on what’s important and what needs to be
evaluated and treated. And then once I understand that better, then it’s just a matter of me using my own clinical experience and skills at trying to guide them through and manage their problem. I think some of the more interesting cases have been those where a patient has been through a lot already, seen a whole host of
doctors with odd symptoms and then they come to me and I can very clearly
understand shortly after talking to them that they have
something like narcolepsy, which a lot of doctors
don’t understand very well and have a lot of misunderstandings about. And patients with narcolepsy
can be completely dysfunctional with a lot of odd symptoms. And then to be able to
take them into my office and readily make a diagnosis and treat their problem is really… Those have been some of the
most exciting cases for me. Honestly, when I’m not working, I’m not really allowed to have any hobbies simply because I have seven
year old twins at home. So, I really try to carve
out as much time as I can to spend with my family. But I do like to go with
my wife to new restaurants. I like to exercise and I run. And I’m a big Roger Federer fan, so I’m always obsessing
about professional tennis and how Roger is doing.

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