Dr. Joseph Sicora | Family Medicine

Hi I’m Dr. Joe Sicora. I’m a physician
here at North Memorial Health. I did residency here at North Memorial from 85
to 88 and basically been here ever since. So I’m board certified in family
medicine and hospice and palliative and also geriatrics so a large part of my
career has been certainly caring for older people. When I’m meeting people for the first time I think it is difficult to develop trust quickly with people. I’m
not sure I knew it at the time I started in medicine but I seem to have a comfort
level with being able to talk bluntly with people with compassion. It often
begins with a conversation about what do they understand about their illness and
if we aren’t able to be open and honest with them about realistically what’s
going to happen it’s hard to help them decide on what course of treatment or
not for them to pursue. The favorite part of my work in across all the areas that
I work is the relationships both with the people I work with, the patients I
care for. It’s a very rewarding part of medical practice.

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