Dr. Joseph Campbell – Bio Video Heart

The bulk of my practice is focused on patients with peripheral vascular disease. I see a lot of patients with critical limb ischemia which is limb threatening ischemia in their lower extremities. A lot of people get told they have no options. That isn’t always true and some people who tell them that are very well intentioned, but if I were a patient and I was told that those are the people that we want to see. I took care of a patient earlier in the year and not unlike a lot of patients I’ve taken care of with peripheral vascular disease. This gentleman was referred here saying that he had no treatment options and he was going to lose his leg. We, myself and one of the podiatrists that I work with took a look at him, both evaluated him and said, “Hey listen I think we can help you.” After a really careful discussion we went and actually took him to the cath lab and revascularized his leg. Seeing him in clinic after that it was just so rewarding, somebody who was really at his lowest point when we first met him thinking that he had no options and that he was going to lose his leg to kind of take him through that continuum of care and come out on the other end with a good outcome and just seeing how much that impacted his life was quite fulfilling.

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