Dr. Joseph Allen – The Allen Clinic

(upbeat music) – My name is Joseph Allen. I am a family practice
physician with The Allen Clinic. One thing that’s unique about my practice, and my approach to customer service. I understand that our
patients are also customers. And so, not only do they
expect good quality care, they expect a customer driven experience with lower wait times and prompt attention to their questions and their issues. I try to manage patients’ expectations. I think a big thing that happens a patient will call and
request something be done and if they don’t know
when that’s gonna be done. If they’re not given a time frame, then some patients will
expect that to be done within one hour, some
know it will take longer. And so we try to manage
those expectations, so that we can meet or
exceed those expectations. I try to put myself on that table, I try to put myself in that seat. How would I feel? How would I wanna be
treated by that provider? And I am honored that my
patients trust me with that responsibility and
I thank them for that. (upbeat music)

2 thoughts on “Dr. Joseph Allen – The Allen Clinic

  1. Extremely professional & personable.
    Very eager and willing to explain things in detail, and does so without speaking over your head.

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