Dr. John Barker, Rocky Mountain Spine Clinic

(upbeat piano music) – Some of the new
exciting treatment options we’ve developed over the last five years one of the ones I use most frequently is artificial disc replacement
so instead of doing a fusion, which a lot of people
still need, some people are candidates for an artificial
disc and what that does for the patient is allows them
to retain their motion and it’s also a faster recovery with less restrictions than a fusion. Other things we’ve been
using more frequently is we do more minimally invasive surgery and we do more microscopic
surgery, so the smaller the incision the faster
recovery for the patient. Well the way I approach
patient care is that I want to be treated
as if it was one of my family members so I
kind of treat them with as much respect as possible
and I think communication is the biggest key because
when they come to a surgeon they’re naturally scared, I
try to sit down and explain as much as I can to them
because I’ve found the more you talk to them on the
front end and the more you explain everything to
them, and the more that you allay their fears the better
they do in surgery and the better they do post operatively
in their recovery period. What I enjoy most about
my specialty is seeing the results after surgery,
having somebody come in that has horrible pain and or
weakness, and after surgery their symptoms are
resolved and they kind of get their life back is
very fulfilling, and I also get a lot of cards which
I have kept every card since the 16 years I’ve been in practice. All the thank you notes, it’s
kind of one of those things on a rough day that’s
what keeps you going. In my free time most
of the time I’m either playing tennis or in the
winter, skiing, or in the summer fishing, I live in
Colorado because I love the outdoors as I think
most people do that live in Colorado so I try to spend as much time as possible in the mountains.

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