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Hey! Motu my brother, my friend. Have a look at the washing machine made by me. This is not like other ordinary washing machines. Big brother, what is so extra ordinary about this machine? Hey! I will tell you. This is going to be very useful especially for both of you. See, there is an automatic sensor attached to this machine. Which points out where the dirty clothes are? Just as our mind thinks in the similar way this sensor will think. And come to know where the dirty clothes are kept and it will wash it automatically. Oh, wow! Dr. Jhatka, this is really useful to us. Motu never washes his clothes, I have to wash all of them. Please give us this machine for few days. Yes, yes, take it buddy. What could be better than it being useful to you? Long live!!!! Thank you big brother. Ok our work is done. Now the machine’s trail will be done. And we will also come to know whether it works properly or not. Dirty clothes. Dirty clothes. Patlu, this machine even speaks. Take this, have a cup of tea. Patlu, this is a very useful thing. Hey, this machine has faded all the clothes and turned them white. Dirty clothes. Dirty clothes. Motu! Wow, so sparklingly clean. This machine is very dangerous Patlu. Motu, let’s run away from here. Oh wow, sparklingly clean! Patlu, yours and my clothes are matching now. Stop joking and let’s run away from here. Hey, why are you pushing me and running away? Boxer brother, even your clothes have become dirty while practicing. Even you should run, fast. Or else that washing machine will wash you as well. It is coming, run. Haha. Who has the guts in the entire Furfurinagar to wash me. Let it come. I will see. Dirty clothes, dirty clothes. Motu-Patlu I won’t leave you both. Boxer brother, now the washing machine won’t leave us. Chingam sir, come fast, this washing machine is washing everyone. Why fear when Chingam is here. I am coming right now. Dirty clothes. Dirty clothes. I don’t want to get clean. Leave me. Motu-Patlu, what is this brother? Go and ask this question to Dr. Jhatka. He has invented this machine. Motu-Patlu what is going on here? Dirty clothes. Dirty clothes. Hey washing machine, I swear to you on clean clothes. Stop in the name of law! It is impossible to escape from Chingam’s trap. I say it is impossible. Oh, my god! What did this happen? I am looking like a traffic policeman. If Bubblegum sir will see me like this, then I will lose my job. Patlu, do something, my mind doesn’t work on an empty stomach. Idea !!! I will call Dr. Jhatka. Dr. Jhatka, this washing machine has washed everybody. Hey, Patlu, my friend, my brother, I am sorry. The washing machine’s battery is charged & it won’t stop. But once its battery discharges, it will stop automatically. For sure. By that time, we don’t know what else will get washed in this city. No! I don’t want to get washed. Boss, boss. A washing machine is catching everyone and washing them. Half of the Furfuri Nagar has become white. What! A machine is washing everyone. You all wait over there. We will rob the machine and then start our dry cleaning business. Caught it, now I will make this washing machine wash clothes. Just like the clothes turn white. I will leave robbery and earn white money. I will become a millionaire. Dirty people, dirty clothes. What kind of a machine is this? Run! Patlu, think of something. You know, I haven’t had any samosas since morning. And my mind doesn’t work on an empty stomach. Idea! Everyone make your clothes dirty. Why so brother? Are you not satisfied with one wash? That you want to get washed again? Please do whatever I say. Dirty clothes. Dirty clothes. Run towards the coal mines. Dirty coal, dirty coal. Dirty coal. Dirty coal. Dirty Coal. Dirty Clothes. Oh, my lord! I haven’t seen such a washing machine in my 20 years of experience. Hey, everyone come out. Everything is fine now. Look at the machine for the last time. It is good that the washing machine broke down. Or else no idea whom it would have washed. Dr. Jhatka, do something. The entire Furfurinagar has turned white. Hey, swear on my patients I have a solution for every problem. You all are very happy. But I had invented this machine with so much of hard work. Motu-Patlu you both don’t know how to use my inventions properly. Dirty clothes. Motu my friend, my brother. Help me!! Dirty Jhatka! Dirty Jhatka!

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