Dr. Jennifer Woodland | Family Medicine

Hi my name is Jennifer Woodland and I’m
a family medicine physician at North Memorial Health. So I specialize in
family medicine with obstetrics and so what I did in my training is I took
extra rotations to do women’s healthcare. When I first started in practice and had
a lot of openings the majority of patients that came to me were women. I’d deliver their babies and then I would see their husbands so I developed a true
family practice. Sometimes there’s patients that I’ve delivered that are
taller than me who have like a mustache and they’re driving and I’m like how did
that happen? That’s what drew me to family medicine
to begin with is the continuity of care and the relationships that you develop
with people. As a mom and as a patient myself I get what it’s like to be a
patient and it’s not always easy. My presence, my listening in times of
chronic crisis or acute crisis can be something that is the one thing that
might help them get through.

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