Dr. Jeff Swartz – Falcon Health Center Medical Director

I’m doctor Jeff Swartz the Medical Director
of Falcon Health Center. I was born at Wood County Hospital way back
when. We always identified Bowling Green has being
our hometown. I grew up on a farm 10 miles north of here. I attended Bowling Green and got my bachelor’s
degree with a major in chemistry. And I really felt that the education I got
at Bowling Green State University prepared me well for medical school and prepared me
to be a practicing physician. During this time, I got additional training
in sports medicine as well as administrative medicine. And so sports medicine has been part of my
family medicine over the years. And one of my attractions to coming back to
the University is being involved somewhat with the sports teams and also the weekend
warriors. My interest has always been in comprehensive
medicine. I like the idea in family medicine where we
see people when they’re born and we take care of them in the late stages of their lives. That’s a unique privilege to be able to listen
to people at their best and also their worst. So I call myself at this point a personal
care physician and that if you come to me as a patient, I’m gonna look at what makes
you you and how we can help you with these healthcare decisions that are individualized
for your treatment plan. I can see all ages and I like to see all ages. I see a lot of 30 year olds. I see a number of kids, but I especially like
to see some of the adults as they’re making some plans about what they’re gonna do next. An eminent doctors said at one time, if you
listen long enough the patient will tell you the diagnosis. We’re at the age now when folks are coming
in for quick visits, because everybody is busy. It’s very important to engage with the patient
and to listen to what they have to say as many times they can tell you what the answer
is. I’m very interested in integrative medicine
and integrative medicine is a field that includes complimentary and alternative medicine. Many of our patients are taking billions of
dollars of supplements and getting alternative treatments, that many times they don’t feel
comfortable talking to their doctors about it because they’re worried that their doctor
will be upset about it. I would rather embrace what those therapies
are and help people make better decisions about those. So by spending some time with patients and
talking about risk reduction strategies, many times it’s inexpensive and it’s easy to do,
but it just needs to be talked about and reinforced and emphasize for the patient. So the ultimate decision in anybody’s care
is the patients, but my job is to layout what evidence based medicine says is the best care
for you as an individual.

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