Dr. Jason Huang | Denver Heart | Rose Medical Center

(light instrumental music) – My name is Jason Huang, I’m
a cardiac electrophysiologist working with Denver Heart
at Rose Medical Center. Everyone hopes to get
into a job that they love and I was lucky enough to pick something that I really enjoy. Interacting with patients,
making them feel better, and listening to them. Cardiac electrophysiology is
a sub-specialty of cardiology focusing on arrhythmias of the heart. The things that we specialize
in are putting in pacemakers and/or defibrillators into the heart. At the same time, we also deal with arrhythmias of the heart. So if your heart beats too
fast, we try to deal with it, whether it be with medication and/or procedures called
catheterization ablation. I think I, really do my very best to
take good care of my patients. I really, really do care. And I think, in the end,
the job of a physician is to make the patient feel better whether it be by what we do
procedurally, by medicine, or simply by being there for them. I have an 18 month old,
I love her so much. We love jumping around in Colorado, it’s very fun to be out where. We just moved from the northeast coast and it’s super exciting to get
away from the concrete jungle to actually just be out
here in the mountains.

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