Dr. Jared White | Leland Chapman Patient Testimonial

(funky music) – Hi, my name is Leland Chapman. I’m 42 years old and
what brought me over here to Dr. White was I was actually working. I was in pursuit of a fugitive and I was chasing him down
and I was just a couple, he was a couple feet ahead of me, he slammed a gate and kind of in my face and instead of just stopping
and opening the gate I was in the heat of the moment. I tried to kick the gate
open and the gate just flexed and I could feel my foot
just immediately go to sleep. As soon as I put it on the ground. And I was still trying to chase him. It felt like I was running
on a bunch of sand. So I knew I had a problem with my foot. I just didn’t know exactly what it was. And then after I went to the hospital, got a MRI done they informed me that I had a complete rupture of my achilles tendon. I just immediately,
depressed, thought that was the end of my career, my life is over. They sent me home, the
next day I got to meet the doctor, Dr. White. And after I got done
talking to him, you know he made me feel great. I thought for sure, this
is just another injury. I’ll be back to 100%. They cut the back of my ankle open. My achilles tendon had
ruptured up into my calf and down into the heel
so he had to reattach it. And he said it wasn’t a nice clean tear it was actually kind of shredded. So he said he took this
kind of fishing line stitch, he said something like you
would catch a shark with and he stitched it together and the surgery took
longer than he expected because he said he had to go in there and do a little bit of
extra work just to make sure that it comes out good. So I’m confident. I’ve felt great since then
and I feel really good about the way he’s been treating me, that my surgery had gotten
done and I flew home to Alabama and the doctors over
there were even impressed with his work. So, I feel like I am in the right hands right here with Dr. White. I would absolutely refer
Dr. White to anybody who has any kind of achilles tear. (funky music)

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