Dr. James Douglas – The Glasser Clinic

(soft music) – My name is Doctor James Todd Douglas, I’m a family physician
at the Glasser Clinic in Bowling Green, Kentucky. One of the things that I think
is unique about my practice, as the well as partners with us, is that we pride ourselves
in taking care of people, we, you know, besides taking
care of the routine problems, the things we schedule, we like
to keep time aside every day for those unexpected
things, people get sick, people get hurt, people wanna
come in and see their doctor and it’s not something you
should have to wait to see. One of the draws that
brought me to family medicine is the opportunity to get
to know each individual, to get to know them, their family, to get to be able to be involved in all aspects of their care
because I think number one, that makes them a little more comfortable knowing that somebody is kind of looking after their
interests and number two is, it just I think helps me
take better care of them, if I have a chance to know them, you know over the course of, you know not only just a few years, but sometimes even you
know generations now, some of the children that
I first started seeing when I moved to the area are now grown ups and now some of them are
having children of their own. My patients mean a lot to me, and I want to thank them
for the trust they put in me to take care of them, as much as coming to the doctor can sometimes be a challenging experience, I think it’s a very
rewarding thing from our end, we really enjoy taking
care of the patients and we thank them for the
trust that they put in us to, to care for them.

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