Dr. Jack Glasser – The Glasser Clinic

– My name is Jack Glasser, M.D. I am a family physician
at The Glasser Clinic here in Bowling Green, Kentucky. One of the things I’ve always wanted to do is set up an office that I
thought would be a good office, but also friendly for the
people and the patients. My motto from day one when I came here was cure them with kindness. That’s what our philosophy
has been all along is to make sure that
we’re kind to the patient. We try to take their
feelings in consideration and put that paramount. I don’t like for people to
wait so we had it set up so that we could get our
patients in to the lab. They didn’t have to wait,
they had a time slotted, so they could come in, get
in, get to work, you know. We have our time and our patients to see, our doctors and me, we
try to keep that time, we try to keep it on time. I would like to thank my patients for letting me be their physician. I think that’s the highest
honor that you can receive is to let someone entrust their lives and the lives of their family with you.

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