Dr. Ibrahim Mujir | Family Medicine, Geriatrics

Hi I’m Ibrahim Mujir, one of the family
medicine physicians at North Memorial Health. I have been a family
practitioner for about 22 years. I have done full spectrum family medicine and
now in my later years I’m doing more geriatrics. You know I always had
interest in geriatrics, even as a resident when I was doing family medicine, I started a free clinic in a senior high-rise in Minneapolis. I think the biggest thing I enjoy my geriatric population is I want to know who they are and then
that gives me the best thrill. In my practice listening is the biggest tool.
That’s why you know it’s important that I take time when I walk in there I just, I sit down and face the patient so that I kind of hear, understand that I’m not
going to rush out to sit down and connect with them and then tell them what I
need to say. I still love seeing people. To give them a power to take care of
themselves and at the same time it’s very rewarding for me to know that I
have made difference in someone’s life.

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