DR-HO’S Pain Therapy System: Introduction

If you have lower back pain, if you have a
herniated disc or a protruded disc or if you have numbness or pain in your hip and in your
legs, what we call sciatica, you’re gonna love using the Pain Therapy System because
its very effective for treating those conditions. Now first thing you do, let me turn around
here, you put the two big pads on both sides of your back like this okay. And just turn
it on, let me turn it on and then you just turn it up to a point where you actually feel
the muscles contracting and relaxing. And you’re gonna feel many types of different
stimulation with our device. Every few seconds you actually get a new type of treatment and
that’s why its very effective because your body never gets used to it cause its always
constantly changing. So you’re going to feel a deep soothing massage inside your back and
that feels really nice. Now ideally you should be sitting down relaxing while you’re getting
treatment, but however you know if you must use it while you’re standing or walking you
can. This is a portable device that runs on two little batteries so you can take it anywhere.
So the ideal situation, you should be sitting down, so let me sit down i’ll show you. So
you can use this while sitting, driving a car or while you’re working on your computer
or while you’re just watching television so that’s the best. Let your back relax, feet
flat on your ground, don’t cross your legs and just feel that deep soothing relaxation.
You can feel the circulation actually improving and going on as you’re getting you treatment.
And do it for at least 20 minutes but if you have more time, do it longer. Frequency wise,
three to five times a day or until you feel you reach the maximum recovery. And then you
know after that you can just use it as you need. If you do have hip pain or pain or numbness
running down your leg, I’m gonna show you how to treat that okay. That’s related to
a pinched nerve or herniated disc so we got to treat that more frequently and in the right
position. So let me stand up, now let me turn the machine off. So to treat sciatica okay
we need one pad right on the buttock okay because this is were what we call the performance
muscle is and the big nerve, the big sciatic nerve exit from the hip and runs down your
leg. So I’m gonna take one pad, so if you have pain or numbness in this side of the
hip or legs then i’m going to keep one pad on the lower back on the same side, then I’m
gonna put the other pad right over the sciatic nerve which is right in the buttock area okay
for the men that is right where you put your wallet okay right there. So you’re gonna stimulate
that. So you just again sitting down, turn it on and turn it on until you feel a nice
deep and fairly strong stimulation and you can actually feel the circulation running
down your leg . Now for those of you who have diabetes, if you have diabetic neuropathy
meaning you get numbness, you get pain in your leg or sometimes you just feel this,
we’ll call restless leg syndrome you know in the middle of the night you just can’t
sleep because this weird sensation if your legs and its very uncomfortable well you could
use it in the same area. Lower back and the hip area. This is very very powerful, very
effective treatment, in these two locations. Make sure you, you know, do these two areas.
Now if your pain and numbness goes all the way down your legs if after treating this
area alone, it doesn’t get rid of that then in addition to this, you can add the following
treatment. So after 20 minutes this area if you still feel some discomfort, I’ll leave
the pad on the buttock and I take the second pad and I put it wherever my problem is. If
my pain and numbness goes to the back of my knee, that’s where I’ll put the pads. If your
pain and numbness goes down to your ankle then I put it right down to the bottom of
the calf. Because what I’m tryna do, I’m trying to stimulate and restore normal circulation,
so if you have any circulation problems in your legs, from a disc problem, from a tight
hip muscles, from diabetic neuropathy, or if you had a stroke, you can do exactly the
same treatment because we are going to stimulate the nerve and muscle to restore their function,
the best we can. Okay so use it regularly and you’ll see a big difference alright. My
system is the next generation T.E.N.S device with one of the best technologies for pain
relief. They work by stimulating the nerves and muscles, with modulating pain relieving
ways. Here’s the difference in my T.E.N.S device, those therapeutic waves are designed
to change every few seconds. Because it’s always changing, your body won’t adapt so
you get fast, long lasting relief. It feels just like a deep soothing massage that helps
relax tense muscles, improve circulation, and help relieve your pain. For back pain,
just put two pads on your back, one on each side, just turn it on, select the mode and
adjust the intensity, and right away you can feel your tight muscles relaxing. Enjoy the
feeling of the pain going away. It feels just like a soothing and relaxing massage deep
inside your back. To get the best relief from pain from tension headaches, migraine headaches
and neck pain, you need to have two pads on the upper shoulder and also at the back of
the neck. That way, it can help to relax the neck and shoulder muscles and improve the
circulation between your neck and your head. Now be sure you’re lying down during this
treatment to get the best results. The foot relieving pads are great for anyone with foot
pain or just tired or sore feet from just standing or wearing bad fitting shoes all
day. Its also great for promoting circulation in your feet and your legs.

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