Dr. Helgager & Willie Buchanon – Tri-City Medical Center

Tri-City Medical Center – a leader in
advanced healthcare close to home. Meet former NFL and three-time Pro Bowl
player Willie Buchanan. He retired after a decade in the NFL but not before it
took a huge toll on his knees. “I was in so much pain that eventually I was unable to do a lot of activities.” Willie realized that surgery was probably his last option and researched extensively who we would trust. He chose Tri-City
Medical Center’s Dr. Helgager who performs about 200 total knee
replacements a year. “Willie was experiencing severe pain from bone on bone wear in both knees. After consulting with him, his best option was knee replacement surgery – I knew this surgery could give him back his quality
of life.” “The surgery took less than an hour, I’m now pain free and back to my daily activities which include doing what I love best –
playing golf. I’m so thankful for Tri-City Medical Center and their doctors.” Willie is just one example of how Tri-City Medical Center is dedicated to getting you back to doing
what you love. Tri-City Medical Center – advanced health care for you.

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