“Dr. Grimes and the Typist” – Minnesota Security Hospital Employee Story

Dr. Grimes would make his rounds and he
would always be the person standing in front and then he’d have two of his
lieutenants behind him to the side always behind him. And the – in the ground
floor of this building as you enter in the typing pool for the hospital existed,
and there was maybe half a dozen individuals who would be typing out
whatever reports were needed and oh they would, like any a group of people, be
talking and gabbing together and somebody said, “Ope, here comes Dr. Grimes – so get busy everybody get busy.” And one of the
typists was not able to get paper in her typewriter, and so she figured she’d be
fired on the spot because she was sitting there really not doing anything so she started pretending she was typing no paper. And Dr. Grimes passed by
her very closely and looked down didn’t say anything, walked in the door, and turned
around and said “You know it works better if you have paper in there”

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