Dr. Gilarski-McFarland Clinic Podiatry

Hi, I’m Dr. Chuck Gilarski, and I practice
at McFarland Clinic. I am a board certified podiatrist. A podiatrist cares for many conditions
of the foot and ankle, and we see patients that come from various walks in life. We see
many athletes with athletic injuries. We’ll also see children who have developing growth
plate problems. Another thing that we see frequently is patients that have arthritis
or gout. They can develop painful conditions with their feet and their ankles. Many times
we’ll see patients who have had fractures or traumatic puncture wounds to their feet.
We deal with many diabetic problems, patients that have had previous infection, a previous
ulceration. A podiatrist can also work, and I work, in the Wound Care Center at the local
hospital here. We will deal with patients that have common problems, someone who may
have a skin infection, an ingrown toenail, a painful callus, or something that is irritating
against his shoe, and they require advice in regard to elimination of that problem.
Patients usually come to me looking for an answer. Podiatry is a specialty that we receive
many referrals from. These referrals can come from primary care physicians or from other
branches in medicine, and when someone comes to me, they’re looking for an answer. Many
times, they’ve had a scan or an x-ray test, or several scans, and they still don’t know
what could be the source of their problem. And it’s my job to help them in finding out
exactly what caused their problem. The most rewarding part is when a patient returns to
me and says, “Doctor, I finished my 5K race. Doctor, I’ve completed this walk-a-thon for
breast cancer, and my foot didn’t hurt me. I can wear shoes now, and I no longer have
that arthritic toe that’s painful.” When someone comes back to your office and they can resume
their normal life, and their feet are not painful, it’s a feather in our hat in our
department to know that we did a good job.

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