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hi everybody dr. Gwen money haven’t seen me in a while but i’m here with faith we’re going to do an ear cleaning you seem dr. mark do a lot of these but now you get to see me do it so thanks mom say hi to everyone out there good morning your honey um yeah tell us what about values of you were just telling me you’ve been on every continent yeah I learned a Verger photographer that it once and proud didn’t I don’t know if you can call yourself an amateur if you want to try to answer your nuts that’s pretty good so my rec room it’s a thousand square feet the walls are covered with poster-sized animals Wow look good i would like to see some well as you have to bring that in luck yeah so so we were checking out faith tears because she was feeling a little disequilibrium a little unsteady so and she is full of what she does wear hearing aids and that’s probably why this happened to you you’ve had with them clean before by your hearing aid servicer but we’re hoping that maybe a little bit of this disequilibrium will get a little better when we clear it out so we’re going to take a look here everything is backwards that is just full of that nice soft gooey yellow wax that’s the right here let’s take a look at the left ear here and again tough to see but that’s just full of yellow gooey wack so that should come out nicely with the spray the liquid so we’ll try that out first I get it all set up here all right you have outside you want us to do first yeah now mar i will do this side first and so this is just a little Basin that I’m going to have you do you want to take off your ears your earrings or yeah maybe yeah perfect so what I’m going to have you do is just hold this right up against you right there and then I’m going to put this in your ear and there we go it’s school okay all right you can feel a little weird but he threw out stuff coming out what I’ll he got some stuff getting in there we’ll go through this the whole way and then hopefully it’ll clear out from that stuff get that lock doing okay yeah he’s not too bad we’re almost down on the bottom there all right don’t like it cooking in there doesn’t do that was house like yeah I’m trying to dry you out there yeah it’s still in there we’re gonna try to get a good yeah there we go there’s a good pic yeah it’s still there we may be evil how deep is that we let’s try another another round of the liquid same thing here right up against your perfect and ready round two ok gotta get better than okay yep I can see little folks coming out oh yeah there we go okay oh that move here oh just saw a big something else I think we got it the whole thing is this audio okay and this time you had the water warm the other was it a little cool with a little like I didn’t work as well it’s one you see that big chunk there oh my god it’s right over there good you that yeah that’s pretty big chunk come out yes it is so let’s take a look at haha still just a little con there we go a little in there i think i can get that with a little curette so all right you’ll see younger oh there it is come on just grab that man i’m gonna get some little tweezers here it’s just waiting there for me to grab it so we’ll do it the old-fashioned way oh okay okay can definitely get it but it keeps slipping yeah there we go oh it is coming not much but it didn’t get in the way of what we’re seeing so i’ll take one lucky and we’ll see where we’re at of course that pulled off a little even more it’s always like that you can like coat around the canal of the ear yeah and as we pull it off it just pulls off a little more and yeah sometimes you have like a never-ending cerumen hunt now everybody can comment on my trimmer yeah there we go I think that should get us a good view let’s take a look here yep yeah so let me do that with a video there’s some a few small flakes here but I think we will call it good I’m going to take a look with this so this is the right ear after some grabbing of the and oh I can never get it there we go and we can see the eardrum which looks pretty good it’s nice color do a little flakes you can see around there but i’m not going to go fishing for those we got the majority of it out i think you’re going to feel better let’s do the other side same thing will give you a little tug here wins keep that straight path into the puter doing okay warm water the phone again those one lifetime the law I know if we got it that time with the little stuff in there but nothing big and that water was it more that was another warm oh I’m sorry to laugh it didn’t hurt you though did it okay how still just full of their room and not much game there so we’ll do another round here and try to get it out maybe two is our lucky number getting doing that second one yeah hmm oh no big no big breakthroughs there after the second round and the left ear oh yeah yeah my difficulty well that’s hard to see you got just bunch of its really a little break through a little bit little there we may be making progress it looks like it who may have broke through oh so now that’s now that the water can may be able to get behind and push it out so we’ll do another round here okay thank you so I’ll have you hold this again same routine have your ear here and all right oh there we go already feel some I think we’re going to get at it fun can order motor for our big point yeah we get you get starting get some bigger chunks they’re kind of looking right next year let me get some you are in the splash though that happy before better you’re in the splash zone you got a little this is after three this one’s being a little stubborn again still that chunk right there little man we go it’s ready though oh man it’s ready okay you doing okay yeah all right what’s the most you’ve had to do before five not that I’m trying to beat your record all right hopefully this will be the one it was starting to break loose last time I’m I’m hopeful let’s give everything you got a little chunk stuck in there look at that will get that and you’re doing okay no pain with any of this good try to get that right alright well I didn’t see any big chunks come out I know maybe it’s just waiting for us right there it’s what I’m hoping oh so close I think I can grab that look at that it looks alright move there we go that’s a pretty good view yeah i think i can grab that we’re going to my years is it getting a little irritated yep we’ll stop that and just try to grab it here I’m going to try this first time you have you help me out with grabbing a year this is no light no fancy lighted curettes this time but a oh ok yeah so you flinch a little there again I think we may just need to grab it like the little bit with the tweezers let’s try those I was kind of almost like it’s adherent to the side that’s why i wasn’t wanting to come out there’s a pretty big chunk and you’re doing okay that’s not just hurting me very good ok muchos right there that I’d like to get look you can see you here John Justin oh ok so i can see the air jump there’s just a little wax around the edge yeah I kind of deep some a little hesitant to go fishing for it I don’t want to since it’s getting a little little tender I think we’ll call it good it should be good enough for the hearing and the balance now that you’re not completely obstructed yes I’ll get one last look at here it here for the through the video so you can see that there’s just a little left in there along the sides so this is after 44 washings and curette and let’s try to so you can see it well try to yeah just a little there you can see oh but mostly good so we are going to call it good all right yes do you feel better yeah so we ended I’m just going to talk to the camera here and then we’re going to call you get so we’ll take this off so so that was a going to wipe the sweat off my brow God you got it’s working hard here some of us a little longer a little harder than usually is but well we got it done and I think you’re going to feel better so that dizziness tell me how that’s going give me an update on that you know it makes something see you will check in and see how that’s good so hopefully you like that a comment below on whose technique you like better monitor dr. marks well of course you got a lot more of his to look at but we’ll see if you want more of these more of me on the camera comment below as well we’ll see what we can do so okay again this is a face thank you so much for doing this with us and have a good time we’ll see you next time let’s go alright

58 thoughts on “Dr. Gawayne Ear Cleaning | Auburn Medical Group

  1. I enjoyed seeing Dr. Gawayne in the video. He has a very pleasant demeanor with his patients. I would enjoy seeing him in more videos covering other topics.

  2. I'm an equal opportunity "ear wax cleaning vid" aficionado…I love seeing both Dr. V and Dr. G get that ear wax out. Um, I'm also an equal opportunity lover of blackhead removal vids..js :-DThanks Auburn Medical Group!

  3. Oh come on Dr. Gawayne, you can't make us choose. Since you asked, I think you are both great. Dr. Vaughan has a great sense of humor🤡which I love. However, I have to admit, Dr. Gawayne is definitely easy on the eyes.😉 But where's the lighted curette? That thing is my most favorite of all!😋❤️🥇

  4. I noticed that Dr. Gawayne did not have the light up currette and thought maybe Dr. Vaughn, you were hiding it from him. then he mentioned it lol.

  5. Nice to see Dr Gawayne on camera. He has the same warm manner as his father. I like how Faith told him the warmer water worked better!

  6. I wish you could've removed all the wax especially from the left ear, you didn't removed anything. But I hope it helped the patient .

  7. What a wonderful, Medieval sounding name! Sir Gawaine was one of King Arthur's Knights! The Doctor seems an equally handsome young man &, more importantly, a very capable doctor.:-))

  8. CLAPPING for this doctor that asked her to take her earrings off! He's seriously the only one I've ever seen do that 😹

  9. I love watching both of you! You are the nicest doctors I have ever seen 😀 Why can't my doctor here in Canada be nice like you both!! I would love to see you doing videos more often please 😊

  10. Did anyone notice the length of this sweet ladys eyelashes? So jealous and thinking are they false? Nah definitely real. Not jealous really… no I'm not……. not at all…..😣

  11. Dr Gawayne, you're a sweetheart but your skills are not mad just yet, sorry but that's okay, you'll get there eventually, lol. I saw whoever had the camera push you aside several times and I thought that was funny. The patient was kinda sweet but seems like one of those people who are kind delicate??? No offense! Btw, don't forget to use warm water next time! Ha ha ha. Thanks for the video!

  12. I have problems with wax build up in both ears due to allergies. I would be pleased if Dr. Gawayne took care of my ears. Handsome Dr. 😊

  13. What she is saying is warm water works the best. I have bad ears, if you using cold water I would have ear aches off and on for several days.

  14. I wish there was a lavage system that wasn't so noisy for the patient. They seem to be in some discomfort during the entire process.
    I do enjoy the videos, however, and both Drs. Gawayne and Mark have caring manners and good senses of humour. Dr. Mark, obviously has more experience; therefore seems a little more at ease, but Dr. Gawayne still seems like a super guy and someone I would be comfortable having as my doctor.

  15. What a great patient. I love her smile and her hair is gorgeous. Doc did a good job and has a great bedside manner.

  16. My name is the same as this beautiful miss lady Faith. I love the episodes, you are a very gentle and kind Dr. Thank you.

  17. Whoever does the transcribing should LISTEN (or maybe they need their ears cleaned out??) because half of what I'm reading is really wrong !!

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