Dr. Gaebler-Uhing describes Teen Health Clinic at Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin

Hi, I’m Dr. Gaebler and my
primary focus is on teen health. What makes me unique as an adolescent
health specialist is I really try to provide unique care for each patient. I see each
patient as a different individual that
requires a different doctor. Up until a couple years ago, I had been a
general an academic general pediatrician in Milwaukee. I had taught residents and medical students how
to do pediatric primary care at the downtown health center. I’ve always really
enjoyed teens, I had been covering the adolescent
medicine section section of the downtown health center quite frequently and so then I decided to go
on and do an adolescent medicine fellowship. That is an additional two years of specific training in adolescent medicine so that i’m equipped
to handle the issues, the health issues
and psychosocial issues that arise during adolescence. My
favorite part of the day is really at the time I spend with my patients.

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