Dr. David Henderson – Lakeview Urology

(bright upbeat music) – I’m Dr. David J. Henderson, MD Urologist here at Lakeview Urology. The urology field is unique in that often we catch the cancers early. The odds are, they’re
gonna be either cured or at least can be
stabilized for a long time. And the technologies have been great. The technology for seeing kidney stones, and now they have a 45-minute lithotripsy, they go home as an
outpatient, they’re fine. So what a major difference that’ve been. The reason you do it, ’cause
you wanna help people, you wanna make a difference in their life. But the CCL result patients
would last 34 years, whether it’s five years ago
when they saw ’em or 30 years. And see they’re still appreciative, that’s the greatest thanks I can have is just to see that
they’re, they can tell me, that I made a difference, or changed their lives, or
cured them, whatever it is. I’ve enjoyed doing it,
I’ve had satisfaction in patients that have been cured, or at least have been helped and that are appreciative of what I’ve done. And I’ve made a lot of friends, too, because patients become my friends. (bright upbeat music)

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