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(upbeat music) – I’m Doctor David Dyck here at the Midwest Sports Medicine Physicians and I do Primary Care Sports Medicine. My undergraduate degree
was in Athletic Training at Brigham Young University then I did a Masters
Degree in Ohio University in Athletic Training, worked for five years then
came back to medical school here at Kansas City University
of Medicine and Biosciences. We are what we would call a primary care sports medicine clinic. So what we do is we see everybody from 10 years old to 93 years old. Anybody who has a
musculoskeletal complaint can come to see us. Communicating with our
patients is the top priority. We work with athletic
trainers in high schools who contact us on a daily basis letting us know of injuries. I might get a call on a Friday evening from a trainer who has
an athlete who’s injured. They wanna get in so we’ll get them in
within 24 hours to see us and to get them started on their rehab. About eight years ago with the
beginning of this practice, we saw that concussion was
a growing area of concern and we felt that being
on the front edge of that was the best way to build our practice. Concussion now makes up
about a third of our practice on a daily basis. We spend a lot of time with each patient educating them on what their condition is, what our plans are for them to get them back as quickly as possible and then how they can
interact in that process and what part they play in
helping themselves get better. (upbeat music) (816-795-8200
MidwestSportsMedicinePhysicians.com) (now offering convenient
online appointment scheduling)

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