Dr. David C. Kung, Rheumatology, ARC Cedar Park Medical Plaza

My name is David Kung, I am a
Rheumatologist at Austin Regional Clinic. My goal is to have a meaningful
conversation with my patients because I want to be able to understand what they
understand in regards to their disease. Through these conversations I’ll also develop
a deeper understanding about what their priorities are, what matters most to them
so I can try to help them navigate through those issues. I want them to know
all their options, I don’t I don’t try to steer them a certain way, I want them to
understand their options because everyone is different, everyone’s coming
from different situations, I always want to try to tailor their treatment to
their priorities and their needs. My favorite thing about my specialty
is I get to work with a very wide range of ages. Once I follow someone I get to
follow them for the rest of their lives, I’m able to make a real difference,
they’ve been searching for a long time for answers and finally they found
something that kind of matches what they’ve been dealing with every day for
so long.

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