Dr. Dale Needham | Pulmonary & Critical Care Rehabilitation

I’m Dale Needham. I’m a professor of pulmonary and
critical care medicine and physical medicine rehabilitation
at Johns Hopkins. From a clinical perspective,
I’m an attending physician in the medical intensive
care unit and Medical Director of the Critical
Care, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Program at
Johns Hopkins Hospital. What I’m really focused on
both with my clinical care and with my research is finding
ways to improve the physical, cognitive and psychological
outcomes of critically ill patients, both in the intensive
care unit, and after they’ve been discharged to try to
expedite their recovery process. Care in the intensive care unit
often involves patients being deeply sedated, and
getting bed rest. But what we’ve done is
change the paradigm in how care is provided in the ICU, such that we want our patients
to be awake, interactive and actively engaged in physical,
cognitive stimulation, and movement, and interaction
with their caregivers and their family, in order to
improve their recovery. I would say that my philosophy
of care is to have our patients awake, interactive and moving despite their
critical illness in order to expedite their recovery process
after severe critical illness. That’s the focus of
my clinical care and the focus of my research,
helping to get patients better faster after their
critical illness. If you have any questions
about this new paradigm in critical care physical
medicine rehabilitation, don’t hesitate to
reach out to me. I’m passionate about educating
clinicians, patients, and family members about this new
approach to improving patient outcomes after critical illness. [MUSIC]

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