Dr. Cynthia Chaparro-Krueger, Obstetrics/Gynecology, ARC Cedar Park Medical Plaza

I’m Dr. Cynthia Chaparro-Krueger, Ob/Gyn
at Cedar Park. My goal for my patients is to listen to them and come up with an
individualized treatment plan. I would like for my patients to feel that they
are being heard and that they feel that I’ve answered all their questions. In a
first OB visit for a first-time mom we like to do a full physical exam, talk
about mom’s medical history and how that impacts her in the pregnancy, how it
impacts the baby and we do touch on dad’s history and dad’s family history so we
do like dad to come to that first OB visit, sometimes dads do have questions
about how their medical problems impact the pregnancy and their baby. I like to encourage women that
prevention is key and coming to the annual exam is best so that we can talk
about preventive health, we can talk about diet and exercise, do labs, do a pap
smear and then talk about future reproductive plans. I love being a doctor
because I enjoy helping women through their various stages of life and being
able to be part of their many happy moments.

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