Dr. Cynthia Anderson on the UW Health Arboretum Clinic

>>Cynthia Anderson: We’re really excited
to have a new UW Health OB/GYN clinic. We’re called the Arboretum OBGYN Clinic. It’s really a beautiful new building and a
beautiful space with lots of onsite parking. So it’s really a convenient location. Right from the minute you walk in and see the
beautiful waiting room, our front desk staff, our nursing staff, our MA staff, and
then the residents and faculty, you know, from top to bottom we’re just a
really welcoming organization. This is a dedicated clinic where our OBGYN
residents have the opportunity to see patients in the ambulatory setting,
which is a wonderful experience, I think, for patients and for residents. All of the visits are staffed by the UW
faculty, so patients can expect to get that same high-quality care that they
get at all the UW health clinics. But because the residents
have a more limited schedule, they’re able to spend a little
bit more time with each patient. They also rotate through
all the subspecialty clinics within the OBGYN department
and even in other departments. So they bring all that knowledge
and expertise to patient care in the Arboretum General OBGYN Clinic. And our residents also work on the labor
and delivery floor, 24 hours a day, seven days a week; they work
with us in the operating room for all of our gynecologic surgeries. So when you see residents
in the Arboretum Clinic, you’ll know that those residents are going to be
there for you in the hospital setting as well.

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