Dr. Costa Sousou | Mayo Clinic Health System Family Birthplace, OB-GYN

♪ upbeat acoustic music plays ♪ (Dr. Costa Sousou) They have won patient experience awards
over the last couple of years, just because of the fact that they do what
they do and they do it very well. We have a great collaborative care model, which
we put together a few years ago with our midwives, who participate in, I think the
best bedside manner ever, because they don’t have to leave this area. They
don’t have to go elsewhere, they don’t need to go to clinic, they don’t need to
go to the emergency room, see consultations, they’re primarily there
for the OB patient, from start to finish, triaging them, labor and delivery, helping
them with their pain control, delivering their baby, and then seeing them
afterwards, and then seeing them through until they go home, and then seeing them
after in their office three weeks later. You know, when you talk to somebody and
they’re able to remember not only the experience but, the name of the person
that was there with you, and the letters that come through that specifically say the
names of the labor and delivery nurse, or the postpartum nurse, or the midwife that
cared for them, and that speaks volumes to somebody who works in this field. It,
it puts it all into better perspective for us. It tells us we’re doing a great
job. This is why we’re here. This is why we picked this profession. It’s a
beautiful thing to experience when you’re bringing a baby into the world and you provide that happiness to the family. (Dr. Sousou continuing) We’ve also been able to provide
different options for patient’s pain relief. It used to be
IV medications, which are basically narcotics, and used to be epidurals, now
we have nitrous oxide. It really does provide that bit of pain relief, should
the patient be thinking about an epidural and wanting it later, or should
she just want something in lieu of an epidural.
We do have bath tubs in a couple of the labor rooms, that we provide them that
option. The warm water, as well as, the serene nature of everything allows for
hopefully an easier labor, especially in the beginning of labor. I have to, of
course, abide by the recommendations the American College of OB-GYN but, I don’t
have any reservations about a woman who wants to labor in water. (Dr. Sousou continues) She leads the
the whole process. This is her event, this is hers and her partner’s event. This is
not, this is not ours. We’re here to help facilitate it. We’re not the people who
are going to tell her what to do. It’s a team effort but she still has the say in
a lot of what happens. We try to abide by her wishes, as much as we can, because
whether it’s her first experience or her fourth experience we want her to have
the best experience. ♪ upbeat acoustic music plays and fades out ♪

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