Dr. Conjeevaram sets up free GI clinic in India

(upbeat music) – So this is a clinic in South India, it’s in a state called Andhra Pradesh, and the place is a small
village called Puttaparthi in South India. There’s a lot of need for
Gastroenterology in India. And in and around this
area most of the people are quite poor and
really can’t afford basic procedures like Endoscopy. So what happens is a lot
of people are being treated without really knowing
what the diagnosis is. In India in general there’s
a lot of GI problems especially with ulcer
disease, variceal bleeding. So we felt very strongly that
we should try to do something. Just from the fact that this is a clinic, which is actually offering free services, 100 percent free services, for GI procedures, itself
I think is an achievement. Which is not being done
anywhere else in the country. Just in the first 12
weeks we have started, we have seen close to 2000 patients, and we have done close to 400 Endoscopy’s. We hope to expand the services to do more specialized procedures like ERCP, and other procedures. Our goal is to start that in a year or so. One of the first things
I think I’ve learned over the years is that
to really get to know the people locally so the first step is trying to make some local contacts and really spend some time
with them to understand you know, what they need. In that way I think it will really build long term relationships. We always think when
we go to help or serve that we are doing something good. I think if you realize that, at the end of the day the persons who’s helped the most is us. The way we deal with
things is very different.

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