Dr. Christina Ward | Internal Medicine

Hi. My name is doctor Cristina Ward and I’m an internal medicine physician at North Memorial Health. I ended up getting into
medicine because I was looking to meld my strengths with giving back to my
community. I think I gravitated to internal medicine for a couple different
reasons. First off I really enjoy working with patients who can be in a
collaborative conversation with me, can be part of a team. I also really enjoy
the wide variety of things that I get to see. I take care of everything from
simple things like rashes, coughs or colds all the way up to really complex
patients with multiple medical problems that really helped me build a really
nice rapport with my patients. So I see a lot of patients with many chronic
conditions and my goal with those patients is to really capitalize on all
the different resources we have available to assist them in management.
So everything from seeing me often and keeping an open communication with them via my chart or our nurse messages to utilizing all of the amazing staff and
support we have within the North Memorial systems. My favorite part of my
job is definitely my patients. I love seeing them every day. I love that
relationship. I love feeling connected. I come in in the morning, I look at my
schedule and I get excited. Oh, I get to see so-and-so today or oh so-and-so is
coming in today I need to ask them about their husband or their son or their
daughter or what happened the last you know time I saw them so that’s
absolutely the best part of my job.

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