Dr. Cary Gray – Lakeview Regional Physician Group

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[Lakeview Physician Group] – My name is Dr. Cary Gray. I’m a general surgeon
practicing at Lakeview Hospital on the north shore. – What led you to your specialty? – I do like working with my hands. I like human anatomy. I like fixing things and, you know, being able to get people
well by using my hands. – What types of procedures do you perform? – Many of the procedures that I perform, here at Lakeview Hospital, are related head and neck surgery which would be thyroid
or parathyroid surgery. I see a lot of breast disease,
breast cancer surgery. I do a lot of ventral hernia repair, anal hernia repairs, both initial and recurrent
from prior operations. Gall bladder disease, colon disease. I see a lot of skin cancers, treat melanomas. Those are the primary things I treat. – What advancements have you seen in surgery? – For me, general surgery was a lot trauma when I first trained. And a lot of open procedures and laparoscopy changed dramatically and we started doing more
and more as an outpatient, and I probably do 85
or 95% of what I do now as an outpatient, which is much better for me and for the patient. – What are some advantages of robotic surgery? – Robotic technique has a lot of advantages, from the standpoint of you
using wristed instruments allows you to sew intraabdominally and do some things that
were much more difficult with laparacope. And to me, it makes it a much more, much better way of doing
some of those procedures. LakeviewPhysicianGroup.com

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