Dr. Bryan Warme – Orthopedic Surgery & Sports Medicine | Ames, Iowa | McFarland Clinic

Hello, my name is Bryan Warme. I’m an Orthopedic
Sports Medicine specialist at McFarland Clinic. I joined McFarland Clinic in 2012. I grew
up in Ames and spent the last two decades or so all over the United States training
to become a sports surgeon and to do orthopedics. The sports medicine sub-specialty of orthopedics
really involves arthroscopy, so that’s really what my talents are and my gifts are as a
surgeon are in arthroscopy. So, I do arthroscopy of the shoulder, the elbow, the hip, the knee,
and the ankle. As part of my fellowship, and now here in Ames, I’ve taken care of a lot
of the athletes on the various teams. Here in Ames, I help take care of Iowa State and
Ames High, and then other surrounding athletes from the other communities. Many of the patients
who come to my practice have problems with shoulder and knee injuries, or hip injuries
related to competitive sports. When I see a patient for the first time, it’s usually
a 15 or 20 minute consultation, reviewing x-rays and reviewing the history, and doing
a physical exam to really find out exactly what the injury in that specific joint is,
be it the knee, or the shoulder, or the hip, the elbow, etc. Once we have that pretty well
pared down, then we can start counseling on treatment plans. Or, if there’s further imaging
that’s necessary, we can get that, such as an MRI or ultrasound. I think the most rewarding
part for me is to be able to work with an athlete who’s struggling with something and
get them back on the field and help them return to a level of competition that they are used
to competing at. And to see them be successful in that regard is really rewarding for me.

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