Dr. Bridget Beck | Cardiologist | Denver | Rose Medical Center

I’m Dr. Bridget Beck I am a general
cardiologist at Denver Heart at Rose Medical Center. General cardiologist see
all types of cardiac patients people ranging from valvular heart disease to
coronary artery disease to arrhythmias and ultimately will decide to refer to
one of our sub specialists if we feel that’s necessary. Certainly got into
medicine early on because I enjoyed science and kind of scientific thinking
as I learn more about physiology that sort of directed me more towards
medicine and ultimately then realized that medicine is a lot of detective work
and I really enjoyed the detective work of trying to figure out you know what
was going on with someone using the different clues and all the different
modalities we have at our fingertips to figure that out with the huge benefit of
being able to make someone feel better. Getting to know me probably involves a
couple things: one I’m a huge football fan
college football notre dame football fan so spending a lot of Saturdays doing
that this year. I’ve got two amazing little girls one
year old and three and a half year old who is kind of the the joy of my day no
matter what and wonderful husband who I get to share this experience with.

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