Dr. Brandon Riggan – Bluegrass OB/GYN

(upbeat music) – My name is Dr. Brandon Regan and I am an obstetrician-gynecologist here at Bluegrass OBGYN. We are affiliated with
TriStar Medical Group. I did my undergrad at
David Lipscomb University, here in town, and then
spent four years in Memphis for medical school at The
University of Tennessee and then did my residency at The University of
Tennessee in Chattanooga. I think caring for people is
a calling more than a career and I have wanted to be a
physician since I was very young. Mom says around six or so. Never wavered in that like most kids will with what they want to do. This has always been where I wanted to be. I see each patient as an individual, from a unique situation
and we try to make sure that we tailor their
care to that individual. I think that here at Blue Glass OB we spend a lot of time just
trying to care for each patient. We try to make sure that
they don’t feel rushed. They’re not just in and out the door. We’re very interested in
each of them as an individual and try to make sure
that they feel cared for and that they get the
attention that they need to receive the care that they need. I would like to thank my
patients for letting me be part of a team to care for
them and to be involved in such a special part of their lives. (upbeat music)

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