Dr. Brandon K. Zinn, Sports Medicine, ARC Now Clinic

I’m Dr. Brandon Zinn, I work with ARC
orthopedics and sports medicine. I think the benefit that you’ll get if you come
see me is I’m definitely going to tailor the treatment to you specifically, I’m
going to listen to you and you tell me about what’s most important to you and
that’s what we’ll figure out the treatment for. I had one patient who had a problem that was rare and so she couldn’t get any sleep, she had young
kids at home and she was just almost a zombie, you know, because of this then
when we went through the treatment and she was just so much better and it had
changed her life that every time I would see her again and it would be two years
later and she would just come up and hug me and say I just wanted to thank you
again and you figured out what I had, you got me back on track and my life is just
so much better now than it was. I think just kind of building a relationship
with someone and you see the progression when they come in, there’s always anxiety
or fear and then just seeing them usually at the end when they’re all
better and they’re doing the activity they want to do, it’s like I can see the sort
of light in their eyes that they didn’t have before and that’s something that’s very
satisfying to me to be able to guide them through that process.

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