Dr. Bethany Brady, OBGYN

– I’m Bethany Brady, I’m an
OB-GYN at the Oregon Clinic, OB-GYN, North. It wasn’t really until I
studied abroad in Ecuador where I was randomly
assigned as a volunteer to work in a children’s hospital that I was actually exposed to medicine and fell in love with it. Every time I deliver a baby, it’s, I mean definitely from the
first time I delivered a baby, I was a medical student
and in that moment, I knew I wanted to be an OB-GYN ’cause there’s really
nothing as magical as that. So I went to osteopathic medical school partly because I was interested in looking at medicine
through a holistic lens. I think it’s really easy
in medicine to start to see patients as just
diseases or symptoms and I wanted to use my
background in anthropology to really be able to see the whole person for who they are and where, how disease played into that picture. Many of the treatments that I
do are holistic in that sense. Both from the way I approach
it but also with the actual treatment plan that I
set up with the patient. I strive to find alternative options and then I also am ready to intervene in a more
allopathic way if necessary. I’m able to do surgery,
I enjoy doing surgery. When I’m not at work, I really enjoy being
outside, being active. I try to exercise everyday ’cause it really invigorates
me and gives me energy. I like to run, I really enjoy hiking, and exploring the Northwest and everything that this beautiful place has to offer.

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