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Hi This is Dr.Balasubrammani I have completed
my Bachelor of Physiotherapy from Govt.Institute of Rehabilitation Medicine, Chennai. I have 15 years of experience in clinical as well as hospital setups.
I have seen many patients like Cervicogenic Headache Neck Pain, Shoulder Pain, Elbow
Pain, Wrist Pain, Fingers Pain, Back Pain, Hip Pain, Knee Pain, Ankle Pain and Plantar
Fascitis. This type of patients we use to see in clinical setups. In Medical Terminology Cervicogenic Headache, Cervical Spondylitis, LBA, Sciatica, Bells
Palsy, Plantar Fascitis, OA Knee, OA Hip and Foot Drop like that of the cases we use to see
the medical conditions. We use the Core Technic to release the problem
with in the short span of time. We call it as a Core Technic in terms of Muligan Concept of Manipulation Trigger Point Therapy, Myofascial Release, Postural correction, Proprioceptive
Technique, KT Kinesiology Taping, Cupping Technique and Gait Training, Balance Training this are the training which we are using on the patients and correct the problems. Also We use t he Modalitis like IFT, SWD, US, ICT, IPT, Swiss Ball, Theraband this all the
equipments which use to correct the problems also here we have given few example videos
for your references. Thank You

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