Dr. Austin Bancroft – ENT Specialist | Ames, Iowa | McFarland Clinic

Hello, my name is Austin Bancroft. I am a board-certified otolaryngologist–or
ear, nose & throat surgeon. I joined McFarland Clinic in 2017, and currently
I practice in the Ames location. I am a general practitioner otolaryngologist,
so I do head and neck surgery, with common ailments of the head and neck including chronic
sinus disease, chronic ear disease, thyroid disorder, and neck masses. Most commonly the people that come to see
me are either people with common ear issues like chronic infection of the
ear or tonsils or head and neck, or problems with hearing or difficulties hearing, or a neck mass that they’ve discovered or
their physician has discovered, and they’d like that further evaluated. It’s also very common to see people with chronic
nasal congestion or sinus ailments such as recurrent sinusitis–that’s something that
is a large part of my practice. We see that on a regular basis and there are
multiple treatments options that we can offer people. They can expect a warm greeting from me and
my staff. They can expect a thorough history and a thorough
examination to accurately pinpoint their major concern and the major diagnostic findings
that are key to accurately and effectively treating that disorder. My most rewarding patients are the ones that
come into my office with a specific question or concern, who we are able to find an accurate
reason for that concern and successfully treat it so that they walk out either with a treatment
plan that can set them forward on the correct path or hopefully even resolution to that
problem possibly the same visit. “Extraordinary Care, Every Day” to me means
coming into an office, receiving respectful care, having an accurate diagnosis, and receiving
the care that I myself would like for me or my family members by a well trained, competent
staff of physicians which we definitely have to offer. When I’m not working, my favorite hobbies–I
love to run. I’m definitely an outdoorsman as far as biking,
and camping, and backpacking. And whenever I can find water I’m usually
near it.

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