Dr. Ashraf Ragab, Spine Surgeon at Largo Medical Center

(calm piano music) – What prompted me, or
got me into spine surgery is the challenge of it. It’s very challenging to see patients and to figure out what the problem is and correctly treat it. There’s a lot of horror stories
out there in spine surgery, and I try to avoid that and I try to alleviate patients’ pain. Patients come with a long
history of back pain or neck pain and it’s the challenge
of getting them better. Because a lot of these
will not get better. And if I can get patients back their life and be active in life
and enjoy life again, that is my passion. Before the patient’s
admitted to the hospital, they are sat down with
the specialized nurses at Largo Medical Center. They explain the process and they explain what the patient should expect
so that there’s no surprises. After the surgery, things go very smooth, and usually patients are
on a specialized floor for spine surgery, which is 4C. The nursing care up there
is great and excellent. I think it’s the best in the hospital. And they are seen every
day, by myself or my staff, plus every day by the nursing staff over at Largo Medical Center. They have a specialized
nurse practitioner for spine that only does spine and neuro. And so the quality of care is excellent. It’s very specialized and it’s very good.

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  1. Dr. Regab he is the best in the world in my eyes he has help me so much and I am truly blessed by all his Staff as well ..Beth Pullon

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