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Hi I’m doctor Christopher Asandra
welcome to NuMale Medical Center At NuMale Medical Center We address several sexual performance
issues that arise in men of all ages Including erectile dysfunction, premature
ejaculation and Low Testosterone One of the primary reasons I chose this area of Medicine I find it very rewarding to see my patients
lifestyles improve very quickly in today’s society there are several
reasons for sexual performance issues growing problems like high blood
pressure, diabetes, along with heart disease heavy alcohol use and smoking are major
contributors today an astonishing forty percent of
men over the edge 14 will have some sort of
sexual performance issues and that number increased to over 70
percent men over 65 at NuMale Medical Center we
offer the latest treatment options specifically tailored for each patient all visits a private confidential and
uniquely designed to help you look feel and perform at your best take the
first step to reclaiming your lifestyle back for more information visit us on the web
at www.numalemedical.com or call 866-205-8262 Thank you

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