Dr. Archana Nagarajan – Family Medicine -The Role of a Primary Care Physician

Most people, they think like, you know,
when you go to see a physician, it’s like they help in taking care of you for a
better health, like if you’re sick you go visit a
doctor and these days I’m happy that people have a balance of the physical
small, where they come to the doctor’s office to have the preventive screenings
done and then not wait you know till those sickness pops up in their body and
one of the important thing I feel a lot of people, they have realized now is if
they have multiple medical problems they do see multiple specialists, so one
important aspect of a primary care physician is, they make sure they
coordinate the care between all the specialists and there’s no duplicate
orders, there is no multiple medications listed
on the same patient that can interact and cause more harm to the patient than

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