Dr. Andrew Glassman, Adult Reconstructive Surgery – OSU Medical Center

Hello, my name is Dr. Andrew Glassman. I am
the Chief of Adult Reconstructive Surgery for the medical center. That encompasses, for the most part, total
joint replacement and reconstructive procedures for arthritic and traumatic developmental
problems with the hip and the knee. We are developing and growing a comprehensive
adult reconstructive surgery program, which entails many different facets, including clinical
care. Of course, our goal is to deliver the very best of care to our patients in a compassionate
way, and an expeditious way. We believe that the best care is delivered through a team
approach, and in that regard, the patient’s experience begins in our office where they
meet with our nurses, physician’s assistants, physical therapists, of course the attending
physician, which might be myself or one of a number of other different physicians. Meet
with our staff which help you with the administrative aspects of continuing care, whether that’s
physical therapy, medication, and/or surgery. I came back to Ohio State for a number of
different reasons. Of course, in a sense, it’s my alma mater, this is where I trained.
But, perhaps more importantly is that I’ve had a lifelong interest in not just clinical practice,
but also in education as well as research. And certainly Columbus is amongst the largest
and finest academic medical centers in the country, if not the world. And the specific
elements that attracted me to this were the opportunity to deliver what I think is optimum
care to my patients, which of course supersedes all other interests. I have a wonderful family. I have a beautiful
and loving wife, who is very supportive of me and who in fact for the last 27 years has
committed herself to raising money for cancer research here at Ohio State. We have three
wonderful children, one of whom is in law school here at Ohio State, one that we just
sent off to university for her freshman year, and another one who has graduated from college
and is now doing real estate development out west. So we’ve recently been made empty nesters.
I have an old English sheepdog and four cats which keep me busy. For fun, I am a bicycling addict. I usually
ride my road-bike 200 or so miles per week. When I have the time and opportunity I love
to fly fish. I also enjoy occasionally golfing as well as a variety of other things including
restoring old muscle cars and fly fishing.

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