Dr. Andrea Matsumura, Sleep Medicine

– If I was to explain what
I do in sleep medicine, it’s evaluating how people sleep, how much people sleep, and if people are actually getting the kind of sleep that they need. (lively music) I was a primary care
physician for 12 years, and I realized that all of
these chronic medical conditions that I’m trying to manage hinge on sleep. What I love about seeing patients that have sleep problems is the fact that I get to prescribe
air, for the most part, when people have sleep apnea. That doesn’t really have any side effects because you need air. (laughs) And what I get a lot of joy from is when people at first are apprehensive about using a CPAP machine. They’re scared about using
the machine at night, and when they finally start to use it, they come back, and they’ll say, “I feel so much better. I can’t believe that I wasn’t getting the right
kind of sleep that I need.” And they’re pretty thankful. I just love the summers here. I really enjoy spending time outdoors. I love to cycle, and I love to run. I like to participate in triathlons. This is a big foodie town. So it’s been a lot of fun exploring all the different cuisines that are here, and what Pacific Northwest cuisine is. Still haven’t quite figured that out, but I know that it’s healthy. (laughs) (lively music)

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