Dr. Amy Wang, Gastroenterology

– I’m Amy Wang and I’m
a Gastroenterologist, I work at the Oregon Clinic at GI West. The moment I decided to go into medicine was when I realized that my entire lineage were all physicians. So at that point it became clear to me that that would probably
be encourage for me and eventually it did seem
like the obvious right choice. You first realize you wanna be a doctor when you have an experience
where you see somebody who’s ill or you see an
opportunity where you think if only I had the tools
to help this person. Then you think okay,
well, now I’m gonna follow that instinct and try
to become that person. I think the things that
on a day to day basis keeps me going is when
a patient comes back and they may not be completely better but they’re in a better place. Either they feel like
through what I’ve done they’ve been able to move on
and cope with their symptoms. Or even if they’re disease state
has actually gotten better, it’s that feedback that
really gets me going and reaffirms what I do everyday, and I think it’s as simple as that. When you get that feedback
that a patient is better because of something you have done. That’s I think what this
practice is all about. When I’m not working I think about how I’d like to be playing tennis, but that actually doesn’t
happen very often. I try to live vicariously through my kids and so I like to spend time with my kids and I will take them to tennis lessons and watch them play tennis
and that’s pretty rewarding. But when it comes to me time, you could probably ask
anybody who knows me. I’m probably a little bit
of an exercise fanatic. So my personal time is
usually the early hours of the morning before work and you’ll usually find me somewhere doing some kind of exercise activity.

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