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The favorite part of my about my
practice that has to be delivering babies. It is really a miracle that
somebody gets pregnant and that they carry a baby and there it is. The miracle
of birth really continues to amaze me. I grew up in Michigan and went to the
University of Michigan and then went to the University of Pittsburgh School of
Medicine. After graduation from medical school I did a medical residency at the
University of Michigan. Then decided to go into obstetrics and gynecology. Went into
the Air Force and actually did OB in the Air Force for a couple of years.
Subsequently back to the University of Pittsburgh and I was the chief resident
there, from there I was recruited to come to Zanesville. I was recruited to
come here by Bethesda hospital at that time there was a huge shortage of OBGYNs.
Actually I was the first OB in town who allowed fathers in the delivery
room and also the first to use continuous feel
electronic monitoring. I’m interested in my patients I take time with them and try
to keep them safe. I’m able to make them happy and comfortable partly
because of all the experience I’ve had through the years. I’ve delivered almost
14,000 babies in my career here and in the Air Force and at the University of
Pittsburgh. I’ve seen almost all complications that can happen and know
how to handle them. If there was one patient that I would say really helped
me be keenly interested in complications it would be my wife. She was a high-risk
patient and had a very serious complication during pregnancy and we
actually lost a son from that. It’s made me be very sharply aware of a
margin of safety that patients have to have and that’s why I try to insist upon
all the time to keep my patients and their pregnancies safe. When I’m through
with my work at the hospital I think family time is important. I have ten children three boys and seven girls and the last six
were girls so our family stays very busy. It’s been fantastic watching them
develop and seeing what they want to do. I think it’s helped to keep me young and
keep me very active even when I’m not here at work. My youngest girl is 11
years old most of my girls are athletes and gymnasts, as many people know. I
lead a very active life away from here.

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  1. Dr. Aepli safely delivered 2 of my children and provided outstanding medical care. There is no other doctor I would ever consider during pregnancy other than him. And, his staff is Amazing too! 🥇

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