16 thoughts on “Dozens Protest Melania Trump’s Visit To Boston Hospital

  1. What a bunch of losers. No respect for humanity. Protesting in Boston. Shame on you. Be proper Bostonians and stop being crybabies.

  2. TY Boston for SHINING!!!! NO FEAR NO COMPROMISE keep the pressure up. Nobody wants addicted babies it's a no brainier. We also don't want dead children in US Custody. Born in Glouster Mass. πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ Proud and Unwaivering

  3. Snow Flakes are every where today. Is there any place where i dont see their crying when ever some body disagree with their cult leader SCAMMER IN COMMANDER!

  4. Stinking libtards!! They cherish children (supposedly) all the while allowing innocent children to be murdered while still in the womb!! Leftists suck balls!!

  5. The first lady goes to a hospital to try and bring awareness to a program that will help babies and mothers and liberals protest her. This is the left. When Michele Obama went to school to speak about healthier school lunches do you think conservatives went there and protested her…..no that is the difference. The left is filled full of hate and we witness it on a daily basis.

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