Donald Trump denies heart attack sparked sudden hospital trip

I went for a physical and I came back
and I my wife said, ‘Darling, are you OK?’ ‘What’s wrong?’ ‘They’re reporting you may have
had a heart attack.’ I said, ‘why did I have a heart attack?’ ‘Because you went to Walter Reid medical centre.’ That’s where we go when we get the physicals. I said I was only there for a very
short period of time. I went and did a very routine,
just a piece of it – the rest of it takes place in January
– did a very routine physical; visited the family
– visited a couple of groups – but visited the family of a young soldier
who was very badly injured who was in the operating room. I toured the hospital for a little while.
I was out of there very quickly. I got back home and
I get greeted with the news that we understand you had a heart attack. I was called by our people in public relations,
‘sir are you OK?’ I said, ‘OK from what?’
‘The word is you had a heart attack. CNN said you may have had a heart attack,
you had massive chest pain. You went to the hospital.’ These people are sick. They’re sick and the press,
really, of this country, is dangerous. We don’t have freedom of the press
in this country. We have the opposite. We have a very corrupt media and I hope
they can get their act straightened out because it’s very, very bad and very dangerous
for our country. Thank you very much.

100 thoughts on “Donald Trump denies heart attack sparked sudden hospital trip

  1. Guardians news would love that haha they want trump dead same as the dems disgusting people blind hate

  2. They will do anything to try to destroy trump…even just make things up. Massive chest pains. CNN IS A MASSIVE CHEST PAINS. WHAT A BUNCH OF FRAUDS…CNN, MSNBC AND THE REST

  3. This orange vomit is gonna die and people be like nah he is alright. He superhuman. Let him roll over and die. The day that happens people gonna be in highways doing they happy dance.

  4. Donald Trump is in prefect health. looking forward to another 4 years of trump in 2020 the greatest leader that has ever lived.

  5. Somebody check the tag on his hair. Yall sure it ain't some new kangol? I swear his blood pressure must be thru the roof. Look at his complexion. Get this man a popeyes chicken sandwich. 10 bucks he serves superbowl champs popeyes. Who willing to throw in on that bet?

  6. He lies about everything! He seriously cant even help it. He cant afford to die he knows where he going. All or nothing huh Drumpf?

  7. Trump is a very well president. He is the man, which destroys the corrupt establishment and the lies of the socialistic democrats.

  8. Dear "The Guardian" (angel) 👼
    Thank you for posting.
    I agree with Mr. President Trump 100%.
    😲 <– hate comments
    Rumors can fly very quickly about something untrue.
    It doesn't take the press to do it either. 📰🗞
    Neighbors talk about others, classmates can be very mean about phoney b.s. too.
    What I love is the fact folks asked him if he was alright.
    They give a flying rat's fart!
    🐀… 🍃
    That's what counts in my eyes.
    That's why. 👶
    Love 💖
    USA 🇺🇸
    Peace 🌿🕊

  9. We all know he's dumb, but even a below average child knows that the existence of shady media conglomerates isn't "the opposite" of having "freedom of the press"

  10. I'm under the impression you need a heart to have a heart attack….Dr found Trump to be heartless…. It was something he ate lol POS president

  11. Glad your ok Donny! But the rumor is , that your food tester became very ill! And thought he might of been poisoned.. 🤦‍♂️

  12. "I went for a spontaneous routine visit for a physical and PR event with no press at the scene. All very normal folks!"

  13. Visited a soldier who was in surgery while he was there. If he is talking he is lying. FREE OF SPEECH is the cornerstone of democracy and this buffoon is trying to silence all media he dislikes.


  15. A very corrupt media maybe, that’s a matter of conjecture. But, it is NOTHING compared to how corrupt that administration is!

  16. I have the biggest heart in the world people…

    It's so big, very big heart 👐

    It's covered in so much fat that it's bigger than all of yours, and bigger than Hillary's, I'm a very healthy man you see.

  17. He knows he is broke and finished. He is likely bleeding out of his orange sphincter. Trump and his entire family are finished.

  18. well I thought it was for a psych evaluation so he wouldnt be thrown out of office by his own… but hey I am sure there are some out there who think he has a heart…

  19. 😂 Judging from the haters commenting on this channel, there won't be much rejoicing here when he wins a second term!

  20. Now we know you are lying, your wife doesn't speak english that well, and we know she wasn't even at the white house LMAO!

  21. Trump denies heart attack prompted sudden hospital visit ►

  22. Everything he says is just a deflection. Every single thing.

    I’m sick? You’re sick!
    No corruption! Corrupt Media!

    Please let it stop.

  23. Trump will win 2020 the problem is how do we weed out all these democrats who r joining the republicans after 2024 when trump cant run again

  24. You just know Melania has a bottle of Champagne waiting for that ship to come in… She been working hard for that investement, letting that horrible old man at her with his tiny mushroom. Just keep thinking of the money honey!

  25. Donald Trump calls US sick? That’s rich—WE didn’t need to go to hospital the other day! BTW, there is, you know, a really nice medical facility at the WH. And on Air Force One. But it probably can’t handle vascular interventions—like a stent placement or balloon angioplasty, which is what is done immediately for heart attacks, and requires a interventional radiology suite. The aftercare for those procedures is not terribly complex, and could easily be managed at the WH—which is more secure in any event.

    If he was actually going to visit the troops, we all know he would have brought the press along and released photos afterward—to show us how much he “cares.” So no, he wasn’t visiting…he was a patient.

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