Dominican Republic Medical Clinic Expansion

This is how we as Rotarians built a medical
& dental clinic, supplied the clinic with new dental equipment,
helped the community achieve safe drinking water,
funded thirteen four year scholarships, and discovered the true meaning of Rotary. The Rotary Clubs of Dublin-Worthington and
Santiago de Los Caballeros are committed to long-term economic improvement in the community
of Barrio Lindo in the Dominican Republic. This public-private partnership that accomplished
all of these improvements started in the year 2000, and with the help of Rotary matching
grants, we have been able to magnify our impact in this community. The next phase has begun, as we add a pharmacy
and medical laboratory so patients will not need to travel long distances to obtain necessary
tests and medications, improving patient compliance and community health. We are seeking additional support and assistance,
and persons willing to travel to the Dominican Republic on upcoming visits. For more information please contact Dave Kittredge
at 614.267.7003 extension 2412. The Rotary Club of Dublin-Worthington invites
you to join us in putting Service above Self in the Dominican Republic.

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