Dogs wait patiently outside hospital entrance after owner suffers stroke

Six loyal dogs spent over 24 hours waiting
for their homeless owner outside a hospital in Brazil when he was rushed in suffering
from a stroke. A video captures the remarkable moment the
faithful hounds arrive panting at Accident and Emergency after chasing the ambulance
for several miles, right to the hospital’s doors. The devoted pets refused to leave the entrance
of the Santa Casa Hospital in Cianorte, south Brazil, last Wednesday when the street dweller,
known only as Luiz, was suddenly taken ill. They kept vigilant outside the front of the
institution and howled for hours, according to observers. Luiz, who has been sleeping rough for over
20 years, was discharged the following day but left through another entrance with his
brother. The dogs, who he considers to be his family,
stayed put waiting for him to emerge. They only left when their master returned
to collect them. Simone Zilane, a volunteer with animal welfare
group, the Amigos de Patas, filmed the caring canines guarding the hospital door and gasped
in delight as they all turned up. She said to Brazilian media G1: ‘The dogs
were desperate. They followed the ambulance, racing after
it down the roads and arrived just as Luiz was being taken into the hospital. They went mad as they took him in and howled
non-stop at the entrance. ‘After a while they lay down on the ground
and refused to leave. When we realised Luiz had been discharged
and his pets were none the wiser, one of our volunteers went to fetch him from his brother’s
house and take him to where the dogs were still waiting for him. ‘He hadn’t realise they were outside all this
time, but he wasn’t too surprised,’ she added. The dogs were ecstatic when their owner turned
up and yapped and leapt around him in a show of happiness. According to the non-governmental organisation,
Luiz has been diagnosed with psychiatric problems but for years he has declined to accept help
from homeless charities and his family. Apparently he prefers to live on the streets
with his strays. Ms Zilane said: ‘We rented a very simple house
for him a while ago with a big yard for the dogs but he didn’t accept it and refused to
enter the house. He said his home is the street. ‘At that time, the dogs were also taken to
a kennel, which a volunteer from the NGO created, but they escaped by jumping over the wall
and going after Luiz. Where ever he is you can guarantee the dogs
are never very far away.’ After his health scare, the drifter agreed
to take a shower and accept a plate of food while his dogs were watered and fed. According to the NGO, all the animals have
been neutered, vaccinated, dewormed and chipped. By the weekend, Luiz was already back on the
streets with his pack of faithful followers.

4 thoughts on “Dogs wait patiently outside hospital entrance after owner suffers stroke

  1. Doctor: Who is the relative of the patient?
    6 dogs: Me… me… me… me… me…me too
    Doctor: I'm so sorry to inform you that his condition is really bad, we have tried our best but…
    One dog: But what?
    Another dog (added): Don't you know that he's very important to us. He the one who bring home bacon. You have to keep him alive.
    Another dog: Yes, he has to be alive.
    Another dog: But we don't have a home.
    Dog (replied): I know, but does it matter?
    Another voice: If he die here, i will sue you all.
    Doctor: Quiet please. Who will go down stair and pay the bill?
    6 dogs dismissed.

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