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  1. can you show us more what really happens please instead of making every look fine, WHY DONT YOU SHOW A TOXICOLOGY TEST, over 5.7 thousand beagles were used last year in the uk, so you cant just be telling people its for the odd scan, come on be honest UAR you really have to try better then this to try and keep the lies going, , people can see right through you now,

  2. But that would be unrepresentative… there were actually about 3,000 “procedures” last year, but that could be something as simple as an injection and animals can have more than one so the actual number of animals used is much lower. It seems like UAR are telling the truth, and you can’t handle the truth!

    On a more serious note, you may have convinced yourself it’s not necessary but that doesn’t make it true – what if you’re wrong (like all the evidence says you are).

  3. These are all lies.. the truth is totally different! Animal testing is based on cruel experiments that cause horrible pain to animals!

  4. and u saw those cruel terrible tests urself right? oh wait, labs are closed. SO someone OUT of labs says A and someone inside says B but A is surely true. Seems legit.

  5. These dogs are being tested – used to monitor heart medicines, so the testing is shown – when the dog is put in the harness and it's heart beats are measured by ultrasound. When animals reach the end of their lives they are put down in the same way a vet would put down a pet, usually by the injection of an overdose of anaesthetic.

  6. Hitting them over the head to kill them?!? What planet are you living on. There are VERY strict regulations on how animals can be euthanised. For dogs it would be an injection – much like you might do for a terminally ill pet.
    Drug safety testing is a minority of research.

  7. Yes, I'm telling you the Home Office statistics show no animal testing was done for household products in 2011. Even animal rights groups like the BUAV accept this fact. Also considering 44% of animal experiments were breeding experiments, I think your facts are very wrong. Safety testing is far below 20% of research – just check the very detailed Home Office stats

  8. I would have thought it was blindingly obvious that I, and the majority of the British and American public, am in support of animal research for medical purposes. I guess the difference between us is I've been to labs across the UK and the US and have seen the high standards of animal welfare that exist.

  9. Animal welfare = bigger cages with socially housed animals. Better trained technicians that will train the animals to take blood tests in a calm manner without stress for the animal. Playing with the animals (mainly the larger animals) as much as possible. Providing enrichment toys inside the cage for animals to play with. Ensuring the best possible diets for the animals while also providing regular treats.
    MyDutchOven the only thing I assume is that you have not been in labs – it's very clear

  10. This is absolutely ridiculous, they can put a tube on a human being's stomach, they do not need a dog for that! Obviously what you are not saying is that you cut open these dogs and dispose of them, when experiements are over. Like the OCCULT orders, you say one thing in public, and another diabolic thing happens in secret. Repent and turn to JESUS CHRIST.

  11. This is just STUPID. People really believe that these poor lab animals are well treated? There are several undercover investigations showing what people just DON'T WANNA SEE. Just check this video from a lab: youtube.com/watch?v=QZDZ7s_dtDc
    And check the Peta channel and safe.org.nz channel on youtube and you're gonna see how terrible is the life of all those lab animals. And it doesn't matter how well treated they seem to be in front of the cameras, nobody even imagine the hell they live in.

  12. Dogs are naturally resistant to heart attacks, having a rich collateral coronary circulation, and cannot be induced to develop heart disease with an artificial fatty diet. Instead, their hearts are systematically and gradually destroyed over a period of months by injecting POLYSTYRENE beads into their coronary arteries.The mortality rate after such treatment is about 30%Tying off the coronary arteries of dogs is also common, although half of the victims die of malignant ventricular tachycardias.

  13. The kind of heart disease seen in humans has no correlation with canine heart problems. Therefore to attempt to create artificially human heart disease in canines is ineffective, unscientific, and diverts funds from the more rational approaches.

  14. LOL so you'r against the animal experimentation?
    So you are never been in an hospital, or never took medicines? (yeah, those are all well tested on animals)
    Oh, never used a shampoo too?
    That's so funny..

  15. People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) has a problem. Despite its mission to advocate for "total animal liberation," government documents obtained through public records requests indicate that each year PETA kills thousands of animals at its headquarters. Google "peta kills animals" to find it out.

  16. According to toxicologist T.Seidle, 'The information obtained from conventional (animal) acute toxicity studies is of little or no value in the pharmaceutical development process.' This statement was 'subsequently considered and endorsed by regulators and scientists from the EU, US and Japan.'

  17. Beagle dogs are used in long-term, acute toxicity tests. The substance to be evaluated is usually administered by gavage, ie. via a long tube forced down into the dog's stomach. Symptoms of poisoning may include vomiting, diarrhoea, haemorrhage, breathing difficulties, seizures and eventually death. It is heartless and it has no basis in science.

  18. So those morons of the pharmaceutical industries are lobbying to waste a lot of money and time in useless test and not, just saying, trying to avoid the entire process, right?

  19. The drug companies have known for decades that toxicological and drug efficacy models are not predictive of human outcomes. The animal models of human disease upon which efficacy experimentation is based yield results similar to what would have been expected from random chance. Animal data are submitted to the US FDA for scrutiny and approval before the human clinical trial phases can begin. According to the FDA, '92% of new drugs prove dangerous or ineffective for people in clinical trials,

  20. having proved safe and effective in animals.' If you want the reference, let me know. There are medico/legal protections for the drug companies which arise out of compliance with regulatory and statutory legislations, most of which date back to the 1960s. The financial survival and viability of drug companies is heavily dependent on this.

  21. In the US as of 2012, the drug industry spent about 1.3% of its revenue on research and about 25% on marketing. Finally, I receive a lot of criticism for challenging the claim that the use of animals has some basis in science. I am not animal rightist, misanthropic, heartless, misguided or anti-science. The information I draw on comes from research papers produced by those who conduct this kind of experimentation. All negative comments should be levelled at them, not me.

  22. I hope in the U.S. they realize that we don't need another shampoo, body wash, lip gloss or eye shadow and STOP cosmetic testing. That will only be the day! 

  23. This video failed to mention how killing the dogs is explicitly a part of the procedure in a bunch of these tests. It seems like we're meant to "Understand" Animal Research on your own terms.

  24. The Dickin medal, recognised worldwide as the animals' Victoria Cross, is an acknowledgement of 'outstanding acts of bravery or devotion to duty displayed by animals' serving in any theatre of human conflict throughout the world. To date, 31 dogs have received this award, the most recent being Lucca who ensured the safety of 1,000s of troops over 400 separate missions serving as a search and rescue dog. On her final patrol, a hidden explosive device detonated underneath her, resulting in the loss of a leg. Thanks to Lucca's skills and bravery, there were no human casualties during any of her patrols.

  25. There was a recent experiment where eight week old beagle puppies had their eyes scooped out. From watching about 5 dogs wag their tails isn't gonna change my opinion on how cruel it is

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