Dog Ear Infections – Vet Advice

If your dog often scratches its ears, shakes
its head or just generally seems to be irritated with its ears – chances are it has an ear
infection. The good news is that ear infections can be
easily treated and cured. But Laura Smith one of the vets at Abbey House Veterinary
Hospital advises you get your dog checked out as soon as possible. It’s very important to look after your dog’s
ears. It’s really important to get them used to having their ears cleaned from being a
puppy, because a lot of dogs that we see are very head shy and don’t like you looking in
their ears. If a dog has recurring ear infections, then the canal get very narrowed and then
sometimes it’s irreversible and may even go on and have surgery to open up that canal,
which can be very painful and very costly. Ear infections can be caused by mites, bacterial
infections, food allergies or poor dog hygiene. Dogs with floppy ears are especially susceptible
because their ear lobes cover their ear canal resulting in dark warm moist places where
bacteria can thrive. This morning owner Sue has brought in her
five year old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Molly who is prone to having ear infections. She’s been crying since Friday. So there’s
something wrong with her. But she’s eating and walking okay, so I don’t think it’s her
feet, so – and I’ve brought here because I think it’s her ear, because she’s got dirty
ears because they’re all covered up. Spaniels ears are notorious for getting ear infections.
She has got a lot of fur in her ears, she’s been before about her ears and they said she’s
got a lot of fur in them, inside them, and that collects dirt. It’s important to regularly check the health
of your dog’s ears. Normal ear wax excreted by the ear is odour free. If it smells then
chances are there’s an infection. They’re quite thickened, aren’t they, her
ears? Has she always had problems with her ears? Yeah, it’s not new.
Does she let you clean them? Are you putting anything in them at the moment? I’ve been cleaning them with cotton buds. Right, okay. And what is it you’re getting
out of them? Is it just this yellow discharge? Yeah. Oh, they’re very itchy. Look at that. Oh good
girl, very, very itchy. If your dog has very hairy ears we recommend
that if they go to the groomer’s they have their ears plucked to make sure there’s not
a lot of hair in there that can trap any wax or infection. If your dog doesn”t got to
a groomer’s then contact your vets and they can probably do it for you. We also recommend
cleaning your dog’s ears with a veterinary product every couple of weeks or so any wax
that’s in there out, just to make sure that there’s no risk of them getting any ear problems. Right, will she let me have a little look
down those, do you think. Maybe. Right. If they are too sore for her we won’t
put it down too tight. Good girl. Oh, it’s okay. Good girl. Oh dear me, good girl. Very,
very itchy. Good girl. She’s very red down both of the canals and they’re quite narrowed
as well. Can we just turn her round and have a look in the other ear? Oh, dear, some on.
Let’s have a look in this side. So, so, good, stay. Oh I know. Good, Molly Shh, it’s alright.
Oh that one hurts doesn’t it? Oh dear, that’s the one that hurts. Oh. See, I think it is
quire sore because when I’m rubbing like this she does quite like that. Oh dear me.
With regards to her ears, what cleaning product do you have at the moment? Do you have an
ear cleaner for her? I had some that I bought from the pet shop. Right. Okay. What we’ll need to do is start
her off with an ear cleaner. So kind of it’s got the nozzle and put that into her ear and
then massage down, and then with some cotton wool just try and take out all of the waxy
debris that you can see there and I’ll pop you out some eardrops as well. And the eardrops
will be twice a day and so after you’ve cleaned her ears in the morning, then wait about 20
minutes and then put the ear drops in, so you’re putting the ear drops into quite a
clean ear. Are they like antibiotics? Yeah, they’ll be antibiotic eardrops. And
use those for about a week and then can we have another look at her just to have a look
down those canals and see how they’re getting on. Sometimes if they’re not really improving,
if the canal’s really narrowed, we actually have to have them in and flush those ears
out just to get all of the detritus that’s in there. Right, then, I’ll pop you on the
medication for her now and if we can see her in about a week’s time to see how sh’�s
getting on. Alright then. Good girl. Let’s pop you down. Come on then. Don’t jump. Fortunately for Molly the antibiotics cleared
up the ear infection and owner Sue says she’s had no more problems since. The treatment will depend on what’s caused
your dog’s ear infection but be aware that some ear infections can be contagious so if
you have other dogs it’s probably best to keep them apart until you’ve seen your vet.

10 thoughts on “Dog Ear Infections – Vet Advice

  1. 1 of the most helpful yet. What would be super for us, demonstrate EXACTLY how to use the ear cleaner without drowning the dogs ears. And how to apply any antibiotic ointments. One thing I KNOW WAS NOT MENTIONED: if just 1 ear is inflamed/infected, be sure to wash hands between touching other ear. I hope when using the OTOSCOPE the tip of the instrument was changed or thoroughly sterilized between ears. We don't want "Cross-Contamination" That goes for home cleaning too. Wash your hand & use DIFFERENT cotton balls when cleaning each ear. You'll be glad you used clean or sterile techniques….less expensive trips to the Vet for cross-infections.

  2. Hi there
    I have a 17 month old shar pei
    Me has 2 ear infections and a high temperature of 39.2
    Is the normal for a temperature to come with a ear infection ?
    Thank you

  3. Very helpful, never knew that ear infection in dogs, were contagious to any of your other dogs though, very informative 👍🏼

  4. If your dog has ears like this cocker spaniel I know it sounds weird but pull the ears up on top of their head and very loosely put a hair scrunchie over them to hold up. Do that when you’re going to feed them to keep their ears from getting in the food but also when they’re just laying around the house put their ears up as much as you can to let the air get down in and keep their ears dry. And yes I worked in a groomers and a vet clinic so I do know what I’m talking about. It will make a world of difference even if you only put their ears up for just a couple minutes a day you’ll see a difference or I should say smell a difference.

  5. Dogs do not need to be on antibiotics any more than humans do. Antibiotics can cause a number of side effects and they end up having to go back to the veterinarian just as humans having to go back to the doctor.

  6. Question: I purchased some Trizultra+Keto flush, and I accidentally left the nozzle open a little over 3 months. Is it ruined? It hasn’t expired date wise. Thanks!

  7. I have two dogs that suffer with yeast infections, in their ears at least 4 times a year each dog… the average cost works out to be around $400.00au per dog per ear infection..I am on a pension and the cost is killing me… I clean their ears each month with vet cleaner, changed their diet and still no luck. I hate to see my dogs suffer but what can I do??

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