Doernbecher Children’s Hospital: Chase’s Story

Chase turned 4 in November November 7th he was having some major balance issues. He was falling down. He was staggering and So we took him to the pediatrician, and he sent us up to OHSU and we had an MRI done so we left the hospital and we got down the hill and a call came in. We put dr. Selden on speakerphone and he said it was urgent that we turn around and come back to the hospital Chase’s brain was swelling, and we just turned around, came back. We got out of the car and this man in the parking garage said “Did I just talk to on the phone?” It was Dr. Selden. He took his keys out of his pocket and dangled them in front of chases eyes to just do a super quick You know neuro exam in this parking garage It was you know scary, not knowing what was going to happen. That was tough I just remember thinking I felt like I was giving him so I could raise a good man, and that’s I wanted to do The morning of his surgery I was a wreck Sometimes I think back on it. I’m not sure how we got through it, but we did Dr. Salvin and Dr. Roundy gave us confidence that they were taking care of him and and just knew he was in good hands, and I think it was like 3:55 Dr. Seldin came out and his words which raining so clear in our heads was it could not have gone any better Kelly and I embraced and I just remember looking at Dr. Selden walking away from us, and I just remember saying that man just saved her son’s life The result is a lively amazing boy, who is gonna rock this world

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  1. Back in 2001 When I was 16 I had surgery at OHSU. Dr Selden removed a tumor from my brain. (non cancer). I was having seizures I am fine now. That man does great work!

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